About Our Club

Who are we?

Catholic Singles of Greater Washington (also known as CAC of Washington, DC) is a social organization of single, professional Catholics who live and work in the Greater Washington, DC area. The club gives single Catholics the opportunity to enjoy a broad spectrum of activities and meet other Catholic women and men who share the same values and religious heritage. Since 1953, CAC has welcomed single Catholic men and women into its extended family.

What do we do?

CAC sponsors social, cultural, religious, sports, community service, and travel activities. Masses precede some of our annual events, and members sponsor monthly meetings to pray the Rosary and discuss Scripture. Our cultural activities include museum visits and theater outings.

CACers enjoy dinners, game nights, happy hours, movie nights, parties, and dances. For the sports-minded we have bowling, volleyball, and hiking. There are beach trips trips to state parks. Members are eligible to attend regional and national conventions. Our activities are published in our monthly newsletter, Potomac Crossings.

Can I join?

Our membership is open to those men and women 21 years and above who are:

A limited number of memberships are available for applicants who are not college graduates or registered nurses, but meet all of the remaining criteria.

An individual not meeting these requirements can become a nonmember subscriber to receive the monthly newsletter.

Why should I join?

Full members also receive: